How it works?

Thank you for choosing Geomar Serviced Apartments. Here are guidelines for an enjoyable stay at Geomar Serviced Apartments. 

Your apartment will be available at 4:00 p.m. on the first day of your stay. Welcome!

In Geomar Apartments we use key-codes or physical keys depending on the property. You can find the information on your key type from your confirmation email or by phone.

If the Geomar Apartment of your choice is equipped with a normal key lock, you will first need to pick up the key.

A key to your Geomar Apartment will be available for pick-up from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. on the starting date of the contract at your local Geomar office or automated key kiosk in the specified location. You will find the information for your key pick-up in your confirmation email.

If you would like to avoid the hassle of picking up keys, you can order key delivery. Please note that this service comes at an additional cost. To ensure smooth delivery of the keys, please request the service at the time you make the reservation or, at the latest, one day before your reservation begins.

If the Geomar apartment of your choice is equipped with a code lock, no key pick-up is required. The key code for your accommodation will be sent to the mobile phone number and email address provided in your reservation by 4:00 p.m. on the first day of your stay. The key code is active right away when you receive it and is valid until the check-out time. The same key code will work for both the main entrance and your apartment or room. You can arrive and use your key code whenever suits you best.

Your apartment number will be provided together with the key code or during key pick-up.

After your reservation has been confirmed, you can no longer cancel or change it, unless otherwise agreed. It is possible to change the names of the residents or their contact information after confirming the booking, but you may not change the date or duration of your reservation or cancel it unless you make a new agreement.

We inspect the condition of the apartments before each new reservation begins. But if you see something amiss or furniture damage or uncleanliness, please notify us immediately. We want to make sure your stay is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

All Geomar serviced apartments combine the full comfort of home living with services included.

The apartments are fully furnished with readymade beds with linen and pillows and fully equipped kitchens. Also unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi is available in any apartment and washing machines.

Prices always include water, electricity and parking space (at request). We provide some basic amenities like toilet paper, hand wash and dish soap to get you started.

Your friends and family are welcome to visit you when you stay with us. However, please note that only residents who are listed on the reservation can live in your accommodation and that the number of people staying in the apartments may not exceed the number of beds.

We hope you enjoy a good night’s sleep and that you let your neighbors unwind, too. So please respect your neighbor’s privacy and the building’s quiet hours. Also, please note that smoking is not permitted in the rooms. Smoking will result in a minimum of 500€ charge to the guest for cleaning or replacement of bedding, curtains, wallpaper and so on, plus any additional costs caused by the fire alarm. Any illegal activity will result in the termination of the contract. If you suspect any illegal activities in the facility, please notify us immediately.

Check-out is by 12:00 a.m. on the last day of your stay.

The keys must be returned by 12:00 a.m. on the check-out date. You will find the information for your key returning on your confirmation email, or you will receive info before your check out. If the keys were asked to leave inside the apartment, please leave them on the top of the table and just close the door and be on your way.

The key code will expire at 12:00 a.m. on the check-out date, so please just close the door and be on your way.

The apartment must be left in a good, tidy condition when you move out, so please take good care of the general tidiness during your stay and also do the final cleaning yourself.

Or you can order a final cleaning from Geomar, and you can enjoy your apartment until you leave. You just need to take out the trash and wash the dishes before leaving the apartment. The price of final cleaning varies by apartment.

If you wish to handle final cleaning yourself, you should:

  • Wash the dishes with detergent and put them in the cupboard;
  • Take out all the trash;
  • Clean the surfaces and remove all the spots (tabletops, clothes closets, kitchen cupboards, drawers etc.);
  • Vacuum the floor, textile furniture and rugs to remove sand, dust and other dirt from the surfaces;
  • Wipe the floors with a damp mop;
  • Clean the oven, stove, refrigerator, and other home appliances;
  • Clean the sauna, bathroom, and WC: remove spots from the walls, wipe the shower, faucet, sink and toilet seat. Clean the floor with a mop.

There are cleaning supplies in the apartment for that purpose. If the final cleaning has not been completed according to these instructions, we will retain the cost of cleaning from the security deposit or invoice it separately.

Please note that if any waste, rubbish or extra items that require separate waste disposal (e.g. gas cylinders/cans) remain in the location after check-out all additional costs related to their disposal will be charged in full from the customer.

You can extend your stay at any time during your accommodation. Just contact us and we will be happy to help you immediately.

Let us know how we could make your stay even better. We would appreciate it if you took a moment to provide feedback for us. We will process all feedback and contact you if you request a response to your message.